A journey through dark forests, forgotten ruins and ancient battlegrounds

  • Oliphant Morn – Morë olori i Palantir
    Cassette / Limited to 75 copies

    Morë olori i Palantir offers over 30 minutes of an old-school dungeon synth, deeply rooted in the 90s, but without being a simple Mortiis clone. Composed and recorded between 2018 and 2020 by Lord Verbouc (Oriflamme, ex-Ossuaire), this first opus by Oliphant Morn bring the listener a journey in 6 acts (the 5 original tracks plus a bonus one) through the regions of Middle-Earth.

    “Come, travelers, and gaze through the sinister and hyponitizing Palantir of Saruman. To see battles of uncertain fate and desolate landscapes forgotten by time.”


  • Elffor – Malkhedant
    Cassette / Limited to 100 copies

    Journey back in time through dark forests, a labyrinth of ancient ruins and ancient battlefields with this magnificent album of epic and atmospheric black metal laden with bombastic orchestrations, mystical choral passages and medieval inspired ambience.


  • Elffor – Condemned to Wander
    Cassette / Limited to 100 copies

    Only a year after the excellent Unholy Throne of Doom, Elffor is back with a brand new album. Ticking close to 42 minutes, Eöl is bringing the listener to a harsher vision of his epic and atmospheric black metal. Compared to its predecessor, Condemned to Wander is much more aggressive, but without sacrificing the symphonic aspect.


  • Elffor – Arkaik
    Cassette / Limited to 100 copies

    Between 2017 and 2019, Elffor took his fans by surprise with the Dra Sad trilogy, 3 albums of pure dungeon synth. Despite this, these 3 offerings have quickly risen to become classics of the genre. After 2 albums renewing with his traditional epic and atmospheric black metal, Eöl is returning to the fray and is offering a brand new successor to this, so striking, trilogy.

    With Arkaik, the wizard of soundscapes offers us more than 30 minutes of a bewitching and masterful Dungeon Synth!