The ancient spirits are resurging again!

Finian Patraic, the Appalachian Wolf, is resurging the ancient spirits to avenge the forgotten native souls. 2 new releases from the savage Ifernach is available now through Nekrart Productions.

Wastow: The Sortilege of Winter (A5 Digipack, limited to 250 copies) features 2 lenghty tracks of ancient mi’kmaq folklore: Kesik, the winter spirit and Kluscap, “Man who came from nothing”, the possessor of magical powers; over 20 minutes of wintry spell, invoqued by this savage yet atmospheric black metal project. Also including the whole Ifernach’ side of vestiges gaspésiens as well as 2 unreleased tracks as bonus.

Also, Black Metal Butchery, a new longsleeve strictly limited to 50 copies. Black and white, 2 sided and printed sleeves.

Ifernach is going on the warpath!