Raw Atmospheric Black Metal

Ombrage – Blood & ProsperityMCD / 6-panel Digipack Ombrage is back! Featuring a new vision and an ever shifting range of styles and influences over the span of 4 new lenghty pieces. It unleashes a torrent of textured work that recalls many great bands from the 90’s, and the works of the legendary Swartadauþuz. Sickening…

Cavernous Black Metal

Sulfure – Exorde du videCassette / Limited to 100 copies Successing to the Neurotisme demo from 2020, the cavernous black metal outfit SULFURE is back with a new EP Exorde du vide, unleashing epic riffing and guttural vocals into an unique raw athmosphere… a journey through the bubonic realm of mental scars and ascetic misanthropism….

Epicness and orchestral hymns

Execration Chamber / Vetus Supulcrum – The Unending PaleCassette / Limited to 100 copies A monumental collaboration! The Unending Pale is an astonishing and epic Dungeon Synth and Dark Ambient masterpiece. An orchestral wandering among atmospheres evoking both, darkness and mysticism. A colossal piece of Arcane Mystical Orchestral Dungeon Synth! https://www.nekrart.com/en/product/execration-chamber-vetus-supulcrum-the-unending-pale-mc/ Vetus Supulcrum – Windswept…

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