A Liturgy of Wampyric and Medieval Darkness!

2 new liturgies are now available! Emerging from the void with a first demo in 2018, THURINGWETHIL quickly became, through a raw and sulphurous vampyric Black Metal, one of the latest USBM’ scene revelations. A quintessence of medieval darkness! Ticking over 40 minutes, CEREMONIAL CRYPT DESECRATION’s Lupine Sacrilege Adorned in Rotting Flesh is a blasphemous…

A Manifesto of Occult Knowledge

2 new manifestos are now available! Bestial cult glorifying the Satanic Power and the Luciferian wisdom of the Black Dragon, Atroce is a manifestation of worship and reverence to the Primordial Chaos. Cassettes limited to 125 copies each and including a Bandcamp download code.

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