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A Liturgy of Wampyric and Medieval Darkness!

2 new liturgies are now available! Emerging from the void with a first demo in 2018, THURINGWETHIL quickly became, through a raw and sulphurous vampyric Black Metal, one of the latest USBM’ scene revelations. A quintessence of medieval darkness! Ticking over 40 minutes, CEREMONIAL CRYPT DESECRATION’s Lupine Sacrilege Adorned in Rotting Flesh is a blasphemous…

A Manifesto of Occult Knowledge

2 new manifestos are now available! Bestial cult glorifying the Satanic Power and the Luciferian wisdom of the Black Dragon, Atroce is a manifestation of worship and reverence to the Primordial Chaos. Cassettes limited to 125 copies each and including a Bandcamp download code.

3 new opus available

3 new opus are now available in cassette format, each limited to 100 copies. Elffor – Impious Battlefields Elffor – Dra Sad III (Beneath the Uplands of Doom) Balrog – The Shadow and the Flame Elffor and Balrog will draw you into a world of heroism, darkness and ethereal atmopsheres. A true epic tale!  

The ancient spirits are resurging again!

Finian Patraic, the Appalachian Wolf, is resurging the ancient spirits to avenge the forgotten native souls. 2 new releases from the savage Ifernach is available now through Nekrart Productions. Wastow: The Sortilege of Winter (A5 Digipack, limited to 250 copies) features 2 lenghty tracks of ancient mi’kmaq folklore: Kesik, the winter spirit and Kluscap, “Man who…

Gespegewagi Black Metal!

A new Ifernach’s patch is now available through Nekrart Productions. Gespegewagi Black Metal is a 4 inches embroided circular patch. Limites to 60 copies. Direct link:

Nekrart Productions presents

    Nekrart Productions presents, in conspiracy with Sepulchral Productions: February 2, 2019 L’Anti, Québec 7:30 pm, 18+ – Akitsa (Montréal) – Forteresse (Québec) – Ifernach (Chandler) Tickets:

Elffor Dra Sad et Dra Sad II – Pre-order now

RELEASE DATE: SEPTEMBER 15th, 2018 For the very first time, Elffor is released in cassette format. For this occasion, in conjunction with the maestro himself, it has been decided to reissue his last two masterpieces. An exceptional heroic and medieval Dungeon Synth / Ambient Epic Black Metal album. Pro-cassette, limited to 100 copies.

New Ifernach Opus Available Now!

Ifernach has returned with its new album « Gaqtaqaiaq »! This Gaspesian (Quebec) savage metal band’s style is further defined with this new opus, oscillating between traditional black metal, melodic and epic parts, atmospheric passages and other more “instinct” and “punk” driven tracks. The native theme still has the spotlight here, with lyrics screamed in…

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