3 new releases available now.

The last 3 releases of 2020 are available now.

– RITE018: ELFFOR – The Immortal Herald of Ancient Death Cassette / 100 copies

Over 60 minutes of keyboard-driven epic, symphonic and atmospheric Black Metal.


– RITE019: ELFFOR – Unholy Throne of Doom Cassette / 100 copies

The latest album by the Basque master. Unholy Throne of Doom is a return to his epic black metal sound! 4 heroic hymns with the shortest bein 10 minutes long.


– RITE020: SCHEMER HEER – The Immortal Herald of Ancient Death Cassette / 100 exemplaires

New project spawned from the tortured mind of Maurice de Jong (GNAW THEIR TONGUE, VETUS SUPULCRUM).

This first EP offers over 18 minutes of a bombastic dark dungeon synth integrating some martial and neoclassical elements. The Immortal Herald of Ancient Death is a terrifying journey through darkness and horror.