Symphonies from the crypt and other macabre canticles

4 new symphonies has been unearthed from our crypt to drown you in the realm of shadows. Spectral Crypt – MMXIX Haunting the northern Francce’s nights, Spectral Crypt emerged from the void and propose a raw and Old-School Dungeon Synth. Dark, cryptic and imbued with a macabre and ghastly atmosphere, MMXIX is a compilation of 2 previous offerings, released in 2019, Spectral Crypt  and In these Cold Graves… Necrocachot – Catacombes Influences as much as Old-School Dungeon Synth (Mortiis, Depressive Silence) as by neo-classical Darkwave (Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows, Rosa Crvx), Catacombes proposes a wandering in a dark “medieval-fantastic” universe, with a hint of death and black magic, recreating the unique ambiance of the Clark Ashton Smith’s writings. Malfete – The Old Ghost Tower … A Halloween night, wandering in the cemetery of Père Lachaise… I’m lost in my darkest thoughts, the most dismal… Contemplating the ghost tower that dominates the scene… Crypt of Carmilla – Wintermoon Phantasmagoria Enter a land of frost where ancient folklore of vampirism and lunar deities of old hold dominion of a dark wintery eve with haunting hymns sung upon the eerily howling winds. Ride with the Wurdulak through the dead of night and journey through astral gates to the hidden nightside realm.