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Blight – Temple of Wounds MC (exclusive patch included)

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Rising out of obscurity to share their violent, radical, and illuminating vision, BLIGHT’s nine song new album is a 52 minute exercise in galvanizing, relentless and visionary Black Metal. BLIGHT’s lyrical themes explore deep facets of inner alchemical transmutation, which lends their music substantial literary weight.

Temple of Wounds will find a home within the ashen hearts of listeners of luminaries such as Behemoth, Marduk, and Rotting Christ, while also embracing the contemporary, underground zeal  of bands such as Bölzer, Cobalt, Light of the Morning Star. Yet the sound that BLIGHT shapes out of chaos and calamity is uniquely their own: grand choirs and fiery chants pepper the band’s powerful and dynamic approach to Black Metal, where menacing riffs threaten to suffocate, percussive elements merge violence with technical prowess, and vocals are delivered with a cathartic intensity.

Cassette edition strictly limited to 125 copies, including an exclusive patch