U.N.C.U.L.T. – Ucifrtnsmael Cantvs Adramalas Ostivm: Anti-Estrutual Formulas da Genesis do Anti-Mundo MC

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U.N.C.U.L.T. is offering a very powerful and aggressive blackened death metal with hellfire guitars, thundering drums and droned-synth ambiance that which inspire the listener a disturbing feeling of uneasiness, oppression and malevolence. Interspaced with ritualistic Dark Ambient soundscapes, this first album of these Brazilian sinister devotees will make you feeling like attending to a secret ceremony, set in the catacombs of an underground temple, forbidden and forgotten, surrounded by the dark echo of the solemn litanies which reverberate on these cavernous walls from another age.

A descent to the underworld!

Cassette edition strictly limited 125 copies.